• Door Lock in Wet Environment

    Because of the continuous rain, the air humidity will be very high, and every corner of the house may become very wet. At this time, it will affect the use time of the door lock. Because the quality of the hardware lock is good or bad, one of the criteria is the time of salt spray test. Because t...
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  • How to clean and disinfect during the epidemic

    The novel coronavirus epidemic is very severe.Therefore, whether at home or outdoors, to isolate the spread of the virus, this is a very important measure.However, to ensure the household, personal hygiene is the fundamental to isolate the spread of the virus.Today, I will teach you how to clean ...
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  • How to Maintain the Door Lock

    Door lock is the most frequent object in our daily life. Many people think that if you buy a lock at home, you don’t need to maintain it until it’s broken.The service life of the door lock can be greatly increased by carrying out maintenance in many aspects. 1.Lock body:As the central...
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